Capsule Review: The Born Queen from Greg Keyes

Hi all…

This is just a short review of a series that I fell in love with a few years ago, but I have to share.

From the Briar King to the Born Queen, Greg Keyes has created one amazing tapestry of stories, woven through the tales of characters grand and small, good and evil, until all is put to rest in a few pages of epilogue.

It’s rare to be so moved by words on a page that my heart aches, but this is what Keyes accomplished. The darkness in the world of the Briar King was replaced by light and the cycles have moved on.

This is what Robert Jordan‘s Wheel of Time series could have been, but Jordan seemed to have lost his way. Keyes kept his world together and in motion all the way to the end.

It’s great to be in a time where great fantasy authors like Kate Elliott and Greg Keyes can walk among the earlier greats of Zelazny, Tolkien, and Piers Anthony (some of my favorites).

If you have the time to read the series, I urge you to do so. It’s definitely worth it.


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  1. I was extremely disappointed after book 6 or so of the Wheel of Time. Im hesitant to read the books from the new author but I really want to know what happens to Rand.

    I’ve been looking for a new series to pick up while waiting for George R. Martin to release his next installment of Songs of Ice and Fire (best fantasy series ever! haha), so I might just take your advice and pick up this set! Thanks for the review.

    trenchs last blog post..Pacquiao vs. Dela Hoya in December!

  2. Kate Elliott’s Crown of Stars series is another that I really enjoyed. She’s an awesome author also.

    And I too am waiting for Martin’s next release of Ice and Fire!!

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