Book Review: No, Never! by Sally O. Lee

Do you have kids?

Thanks to my daughters, I’m always on the lookout for creative childrens’ books. Sometimes I find books that are light on art, but strong on story. And other times the books are long on lessons and light in fun. No, Never! has about the perfect balance of art, lessons, and story.

[amazon-product]1439239088[/amazon-product]No, Never! tells the story of Daisy, the dalmation. Daisy doesn’t like to do anything she’s asked to do. Most parents have dealt with this situation at one time or another. Daisy’s Mom doesn’t lose her patience with her daughter – instead she simply asks what Daisy would do. And, armed with that information, Daisy’s Mom explains that you don’t get to write great books or climb mountains without taking care of the goals that are important “now” to learn how to take care of the goals that are important “later.”

This is an important message for kids of all ages. It’s even a good thing to remember as an adult!

Lee wrote the story and did all of the illustrations herself, as she’s done for her other books such as: The Tutu Ballet, which won 2nd place in the Readers Views Literary Awards (2008); The Cake Thief, which won Best 2008-Children’s Picture Book at Books and; and The Rabbit and the Snowman, which won Best 2008 – Children’s Fiction from Books and She’s written 20 different childrens’ books and I hope she doesn’t stop any time soon.

The art is done with watercolors in a very warm and kid-friendly style. The colors are bright, character expressions are easy to read, and the art just pops off the page. Combine that with her straightforward, easy to read writing style, and I think Lee has another book that’s bound to win an award.

I hope my kids got the message, but I know I did. Be sure to find a copy of No, Never by Sally O. Lee at your local library or bookstore or by shopping online. If you’re interested in learning more about Sally Lee’s works, check out her website at


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