Book Review: Little Bit & Big Byte

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I recently had an opportunity to review a new children’s book from Craig T. Feigh called “Little Bit & Big Byte.” This is a children’s book with big, colorful pictures and memorable characters (& lessons) written with the high-tech child in mind.

Illustrated by Patrick Carlson, Feigh & Carlson create a cool approach to telling a kid friendly story, without resorting to the use of bugs or animals. (Nothing against bugs or animals, but it’s nice to see something different for a change.)

The book also includes a fun little hide and seek-type game for the kids to see if they can find all of Click’s (he’s a Pointer) bones hidden in each of the pictures of the book. I know my 3 year old enjoyed that part best of all, but I think my 7 year old got the gist of the story too.

I thought the style and layout was excellent, but the story wasn’t as good as the story in the Tiniest Tiger. But that book lacked the beautiful layout and consistent display of art that this book had. If only they could combine the two styles somehow, we’d end up with an instant classic. 🙂

This is definitely a book to check out for any tech-savvy kids on your gift list. I’ll give it 3/4.

Until next time, read a great book to your kids!


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