Book Review: Everyday Cat Excuses

Everyday Cat Excuses coverHi all…

Had an opportunity to check out Molly Brandenburg’s new book — Everyday Cat Excuses: Why I Can’t Do What You Want. Anyone who has owned a cat (or been owned by one) knows that cats don’t listen — they just ignore you or do something THEY want.

Brandenburg both wrote and illustrated this book, published in April 2008. It is definitely a cute book meant for cat lovers. She has a website set up for her book at

Did I love this book? Not really. The line drawings were cute, but grew repetitive quickly. There were a few segments of the book I found amusing, notably the hairball sequence and the cartoon of a cat on Kitty Prozac because his/her owners got a dog. But overall I found it unoriginal and repetitive (Sorry Molly).

Sounds like the book has been picked up by a bigger publisher and will be distributed via Barnes & Noble sometime this summer if you’re interested.

But sometimes a book of cartoons just doesn’t live up to the promise of the material. Unfortunately I think this was one of those cases.

Everyday Cat Excuses: Why I Can’t Do What You Want by Molly Brandenburg. Sterling Publishing Co., ©2008. ISBN 9781402759031 (hardcover), 64p.

Until next time, find a good book!

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