Book Review: Books Are for Eating Reading by Suzy Becker

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As a parent and a lover of books, I have to say it was quite difficult to face the fact that one of my children might want to… chew… on my books. Though I love food (as is evidenced by my waistline), I was never one to eat books. From an early age I learned to revere books and treat them with the care that such things required. So when I heard about this board book that actually encouraged a child to chomp on it, I had to check it out!

Books Are for Eating Reading follows the design pattern of other board books to a point. The art is warm and friendly, with a picture of a baby eating the very book you are reading about. The text is easy to read and colorful. There’s a big hole in the book in the upper left corner. And on the two right-hand corners you have a red rubber corner at the top with a bumpy texture and a blue rubber corner at the bottom with a texture of wavy lines. OK, so maybe this isn’t your normal board book.

Suzy Becker is the beloved author and illustrator of All I Need to Know I Learned from My Cat where you learn all the simple life lessons your cat can teach you but you may have overlooked. Things like “Know all the sunny places” and “Make your own hours”, both of which are very valuable lessons whatever age you might be.

Books Are for Eating Reading takes the same general formula and applies it to a younger set of readers. For example, who can argue with “Crayons are for writing, not biting” or “Feet are for stomping, not chomping”? If you have children of your own or nieces or nephews, these are pretty common sense things that you really do have to teach your kids if you want to have any hair left to pull out when they become teenagers.

This book is one I will put on my list of those I typically purchase for new parents, alongside Goodnight Moon, Guess How Much I Love You, and any of Sandra Boynton‘s board books (The Going to Bed Book, Opposites, Doggies and Horns to Toes are among our favorites). Board books are meant to be used and abused by the little ones and I think that Books Are for Eating Reading will survive that trial just fine.

So if you have kids or are looking for good books for toddlers, I highly recommend Books Are for Eating Reading. Give it a bite try!


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