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One of the reasons I wanted to update my blog was so I had a ton more control over the theme, layout, and plug-ins included in the WordPress installation. I’ve come to really appreciate having the extra control over what actually shows up in my layout. But one of the things I’ve struggled with has been banner advertisements.

I want to advertise. I’m not planning on making billions of dollars here, but would like a bit of some extra income from my writing if at all possible. But I’m not much of a marketer. And web design is very new to me. So figuring out where to put these banners has been a bit of a mystery.

Then I came across the MaxBlogPress Max Banner Ads plug-in. This is Review-ware, which I’ve never heard about before, but the idea is that it’s free to anybody who wants to write a review about it. So that’s this post. I think this thing is awesome.

I’ve been able to consolidate a few things into one widget. And it rotates the ads automatically.

So, as I said, I’m never going to make billions doing this. But it cleans up the look/feel of the blog significantly and handles the management of those things so I don’t have to.

I heartily recommend that anybody who has banner ads on their site check it out!

You can read more about it here at MaxBlogPress.


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  1. Yes there is no doubt this plugin is very effective one for banner advertising. I hope that this plugin would make banner advertising more interesting and popular. So this is great invention by Max Bloggers……………..

  2. I’ve just downloaded this plugin and set it up – wrongly. There doesn’t seem to be any way of editing the the banners or their positions after initial setup. I’ve even deleted the the plugin from everywhere, downloaded the zip file again and uploaded to the plugin folder. Plugin then appears in recently active. When I activate it the originally loaded banners are still there in their original settings. Has anyone any suggestions?

  3. @Peter I honestly don’t know. I believe it inserts some pieces into the theme, so there may be lingering references in some of those files. I’d definitely check out their Forums ( to see if the MaxBlogPress folks have any suggestions. They’ve been very helpful for me in the past.

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