BuzzMyBlog selected the Lair for their Weekly Buzz!

Hi all…

Just have to share some good news… Jeff over at Buzz My Blog has selected the Lair of the Green Knight as it’s Weekly Buzz’ed blog! Each week Buzz My Blog selects one of the blogs from their list of folks who have signed up for their site. And I was shocked to see an e-mail this morning saying that the Lair had been picked!

BuzzMyBlog with Lair of the Green Knight on the Front Page!Thanks Jeff!

(A Monty Python routine comes to mind where they’re talking about a pet halibut… “Picked him out of thousands… Didn’t like all the others, they were all too flat…” Yes, it’s that kind of a weird random association kind of day here at the Lair… Check out “Fish License” here…)

I won’t reinvent the great post that Jeff has already written about this great service to the blogging community. But it boils down to this list (copied liberally from Buzz My Blog):

  • Every Monday I will randomly select one blog from the list of entries and publish a post that is exclusively focused on that blog. The post will contain the blog’s name, the owner’s name, a description, a Do Follow link, and some words of wisdom from the selected blogger.
  • Each week, I will send the winner some loot in the form of EntreCard credits. These credits can be used however you desire, but hopefully they will help to further promote your blog. Initially I am giving away 300 credits, but I plan to raise this amount as more people sign up for the Weekly Buzz (so be sure to drop your card – the more credits I get the more I’ll give away!). From time to time, I will give away special prizes like free traffic, free ad spots, etc.
  • The selection will be completely random. It is possible for your blog to be selected more than once, but I won’t allow the same blog to be selected twice in a one month period.
  • Update – I have also added a list of the last 4 weekly buzz winners at the top of the page. This is a do-follow link from a PR 4 blog for an entire month!

So as you can see, it’s a good thing to hop over to Buzz My Blog and sign up for this cool contest! I’m happier, have 500 EntreCard credits in my account, and get some positive press to boot! What more could a blogger ask for? (Riches could fall from the sky, but I doubt that’s going to happen while inside writing this in my basement office…)

Anyway… Thanks again Jeff! Everyone should sign up at your blog to get this nice surprise!



  1. How cool is that ???? And I must say, you totally deserve it!! Yeh!

    I of course have to check it out, so the plug is working!

  2. Congrats on being buzzed. Errm, so many ways to take that last statement, but hopefully it’s a good thing 😉 😀

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