The Losers looks promising!

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In the “I haven’t heard of this project before” category, we have news about a new movie coming in March 2010 called The Losers. This flick has an all star cast – Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans, Zoë Saldana, Óscar Jaenada, Idris Elba, and Columbus Short… all of which who of course have impressive resumes.

The only weird part is the director – Sylvain White – who’s directed such uninteresting films (for me anyway) as I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer and Stomp the Yard. That said, this trailer looks quite interesting.

Though I think the big-screen A-Team may blow big chunks, The Losers looks like it may update that premise in a much more pleasing way.

Thanks go to the Geeks of Doom for this one.

Check out the trailer:


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Marvel’s Black Panther on its way to BET?

Hi all…

Thought this was interesting. Marvel Animation has sure ratcheted up their production. There’s a new animated series based on the Black Panther – the hero from Africa’s hidden kingdom of Wakanda.

And this series has some serious voice talentDjimon Hounsou plays Black Panther and T’Challa, King of Wakanda. Stan Lee provides the voice for General Wallace. Kerry Washington voices Princess Shuri, and Jill Scott plays the weather wonder known as Storm.

I have to say this looks pretty cool. Hopefully it’ll air here in the States soon!


p.s. Here are a few Black Panther items to keep you occupied while we wait for the show to debut in the US…

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Mid-week Links

Hey there…

Ok… I’ve seen enough weird news this week to warrant a few comments about some of the things going on in the movie business…

First, La Femme Nikita is back? Again? Let’s hope it’s more like Luc Besson‘s original starring Anne Parillaud or the series on USA starring Peta Wilson. Evidently McG’s involved and in this version (reportedly to air on The CW), Nikita will go rogue and a new assassin will be trained to replace her. Isn’t it odd that they’d call the series La Femme Nikita if she’s not the lead character? Read more at

Next, it’s good to know that Guy Ritchie isn’t afraid to continue the good thing he started with Sherlock Holmes and Robert Downey, Jr. According to multiple sources (, and The Examiner) his Lobo (DC Comics) movie has been shelved for now and they’re ramping up to work on a script and pre-production for the Holmes sequel. Brad Pitt is rumored to be Moriarty, which should be quite interesting. Pitt as an evil, brilliant villain? Hmmm… (Update: Evidently this rumor has been squashed about Brad as Moriarty, so we’ll see who actually gets to play that role…)

And Michael Bay, king of explosions, is apparently scouting for locations for Transformers 3. The last one wasn’t bad enough? I’m hoping they return to the simpler plot of the first movie, which had me cheering by the end as a popcorn movie. Guess we’ll find out in July 2011. A bit more at

Lastly, in the “Please no, say it ain’t so” category, we have rumors of Sam Worthington (Avatar, Terminator: Salvation) going for the role of Dracula in a new movie about the first vampire. (At least he’s not a teenager…) For me, the last good Dracula was Gary Oldman… and before that Bela Lugosi. Worthington would need to age about 30 years before I’d even consider him for a role like that… Latino Review, MTV, ScreenRant… Everyone’s talking about it and saying the same thing – say it ain’t so!!

That’s it for now… More the next time I have a chance to pull my head out of the sand…


p.s. Pick up a few of these great DVDs!

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